For more than 25 years, Kevin and Cindy Spencer traveled the globe with one of the most successful touring illusion productions in the world. They gained a reputation of professionalism and unparalleled quality in the performing arts industry. They left a trail of accomplishments and accolades in their wake including Performing Arts Entertainers of the Year (six times), Magicians of the Year (2009), and Illusionists of the Year (2015).

Today, Kevin Spencer continues that mission by offering performing arts venues a relaxed family performance that is suitable for audiences of all ages. Its uncomplicated production values make it trouble-free while delivering an impressive, sensory-friendly performance filled with stage magic and audience participation.

Our family attended a relaxed family performance presented by magician, Kevin Spencer. The first thing that struck me was how Kevin stood at the entrance before the performance to greet those in attendance. He spoke to each person and asked their name. During the performance, he spoke to each child by name from the stage – either through crowd interaction or when asking for a volunteer. He asked both children and adults to be a part of the magic but he was quick to recognize each child’s needs to ensure inclusion in the show for everyone. Kevin handled the children perfectly on stage when they were volunteers, never getting frustrated at some of the repetitions and quirks often displayed by individuals with autism. The show was fun for everyone, parents included! My son is still trying to recreate Kevin’s illusions from that day! We cannot wait to see him again! Kevin truly has a passion for sharing his art with everyone, including special needs children and their families…and it shows completely and effortlessly when you meet him.

— Amy S., Birmingham, AL

I wanted to thank you for the wonderful show. What a dream come true to bring my child to a live theatre event and not worry about his quirks. Aengus had such a wonderful time and was totally engaged. He talked about magic all night long saying, “OOOH Magic.” This is beautiful because my son is considered non-verbal, speaking only a few words. He did such a great job that I feel that I would bring him to another show. I have such fond memories of going to the theatre growing up and I feel like I can now pass this love to Aengus. Thank you for making many parents dreams come true and feel included!

— Mikayla, David, and Aengus