The Magic of Kevin Spencer: A Sensory-Inclusive Performance

The Magic of Kevin Spencer is a performance for people of all ages and abilities. It features award-winning magician Kevin Spencer in a fun-filled show that combines storytelling, stage magic, and audience participation. This sensory-inclusive performance is designed to create an experience that is welcoming to all audiences including families with children with autism or other developmental or intellectual disabilities that create sensory sensitivities. This is a show the entire family will enjoy!

I wanted to thank you for the wonderful show. What a dream come true to bring my child to a live theatre event and not worry about his quirks. Aengus had such a wonderful time and was totally engaged. He talked about magic all night long saying, “OOOH Magic.” This is beautiful because my son is considered non-verbal, speaking only a few words. He did such a great job that I feel that I would bring him to another show. I have such fond memories of going to the theatre growing up and I feel like I can now pass this love to Aengus. Thank you for making many parents dreams come true and feel included!

— Mikayla, David, and Aengus

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